We’ve Got This (OLD POST)

Independence day has come and passed for America and the feeling of connection to my country seems a lot
thinner than it use to be. Don’t get me wrong, I love my country. This is my home, I’ve never left though I’d love
to expand my horizons, but as of late I’ve felt the need to distance myself from the political. Like that’s even an
option.. It’s everywhere these days, on the news, on the radio, all over social media, everywhere.
However, the need to be aware of what’s going on is necessary. There are so many things happening and so
many issues the face, things we need to speak up about, things we need to know the truth about.
I’ve talked about racism and global warming, the issues we face in the day to day with homelessness and how
everything is being effected by the people in power. There are too many things to follow, too many things to
fight for, but please never give up on what you want right, what you want to protect, the truth.
Always keep fighting for what’s right, we are all fighting back in our own way. Some with words on a page,
some with their fist held high in their pride of who they are.
Stay strong, fight the wrong in the system, and protect the land and it’s people. You are one of them

Written By: Pearl Aurora Legen  14242329_1145687645478195_5849958532010378630_o

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