The Message (OLD POST)

I found myself in a mess, and wondered not only how did I get to this place, but how did I arrive here yet again?
Why did I turn left when I should’ve turned right?
The definition of insanity is doing the same thing expecting different results. Might I need to be commited for my lack of rationality?
Wise ones learn from the mistakes of others, while fools jump in the pool knowing damned well they can’t swim..but, hey, they made it out alive last time ol’ repeat offender.

A mess. We all have those seasons in life, where the natural disaster setting is ” mess.” As if we asked Alexa to play it on repeat. “Alexa, play mess and put it on repeat.”

I know, I know…such a melancholy undertone. To shine light on this, I know a Man who is greater than Alexa. I know a Man who loves me even in the midst of my mess. This same Man can take a mess and turn it into a MESSage. The Son of Man.

I’m not here to convince you to be a believer, after all you’ve never seen Him in the flesh. But unless you suffer from delusion, I’m certain you have sought Wise counsel..received an on time message..overcame an obstacle.

You know what….

Tune in to Walk The talk radio with queen of hearts tonight at 7pm. Her topic is : The message.
I personally, dont know what the message is…but I’ll be listening in to find out. Speak Queen.

Deuces Wild, Dayo

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