Art, Sex and the Art of Sex (OLD POST)


To me, that’s what life is about.  If you lack passion you are merely drifting through life, having nothing to work for, nothing to care about, doing things that pass time without any sort of real human emotion or experience driving you.

Art is definitely about passion.  So is sex.  Think of the Kama Sutra…  can you without thinking of some of the luscious pictures that accompany explanations of varied sexual positions?   Not to mention the beautiful works of art that throughout history have celebrated the human body.  Maybe it was “porn” before porn was born, but I, as an artist and a sensual, sexual, passionate being believe that because of the Puritanical values that this country stemmed from, in combination with the effects of the industrial revolution, we are being forced into societal values that actually take us farther from what makes us really happy as humans.

I sometimes wonder how and why we, as a culture in a general sense, have moved away from being close to the earth and close to our roots as tribal creatures.  I read a quote from a Native American chief that basically said, “why would we want what the white man had, we had it all before they arrived.”

This world is meant to steamroll our passions, and tear them from our hearts, use them in pathetic pop-culture copy-cat and marketable, manufacturable, mass-producible  forms.  We are driven to believe that appearances and money are what we really want.  Magazines, television, movies, and all the advertising embedded within the pages, the shows and of course commercials, are meant to make us feel unsatisfied and unhappy so that a space can be filled by some marketed product;  on the other side, it lifts us up into thinking we “deserve” some product, as though it will enhance our lives. I am absolutely against all of that.

I want us back to our roots, where art was for the sake of expression of the passion of living, and sex was a part of our lives in order to physically embody the emotional and energy-filled connections that we share.    Not that I think everything sex is positive.  I’ve mentioned on-air that anything non-consensual, or when there is not  a possibility of true consent, is acceptable to my sense of humanity and civility.

With great power comes great responsibility, my super-artist-sexual human heroes, and we do have the power to drive humanity into greater understanding, greater emotion, and greater human experience by engaging others in dialogue that elevates, makes passionate, our friends and loved ones, strangers on the bus, a viewer of our photos and paintings, a reader of our poetry…

and like Don Juan, all become great lovers and artists and seekers of excitement that is far from the stock market.

It’s good to be a dreamer…

Written by: Heidi Rosehediarose

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