Holy Hand Mirrors and Hot Coffee (OLD POST)

Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who’s the fairest one of them all?

The Geisha and the hand mirror. The delicate gaze. The beauty within.

What does the hand mirror symbolize? When I see a hand mirror, the person using it is aware of their own beauty. There isn’t any vanity, nor ego, but an awareness of their beauty. As the mirror is usually the size of their face, and usually the hand mirror is unique as the person who owns it. cumdrink

Many hand mirrors don a Geisha symbol or a mermaid, even skulls. All symbols of beauty.

The Wicca symbol of a hand mirror means awareness of beauty. The hand mirror also symbolizes a female, and Venus. Venus who was the Goddess of Love and Beauty. In Greek Mythology the Goddess Aphrodite was known to be of such beauty that she also is known to be associated with a mirror/hand mirror. The hand mirror also symbolizes self knowledge and wisdom in some cultures, as a reflection of a past of hard work and dedication to self love. The Mermaid and the hand mirror also symbolizes vanity and beauty. The hand mirror also symbolizes truth and imagination. The Geisha with a hand mirror honours the woman’s beauty and art skill.


“It was then that a new breed of woman first began to step out a woman who was not a caged bird, who dressed with understated sophistication, not showy glitter, and who sold not her body, but her arts.
This was the foundation of the geisha.” – Lauren Lockard (Geisha: Behind the Painted Smile)

In dreams, the hand mirror is a symbolism of the the connection to water, fluidity, and it’s deep connection to the womb, birth, and self discovery. When dreaming of looking into a hand mirror, you are also looking at your reality with a deep connection to it’s past, present, and future. Asking questions of: Who am I? Who will I be? What is my true self?

The hand mirror also symbolizes every solitary aspect of our lives, like a Ying Yang. Every positive to every negative of our whole being.

“The magical mirror in this tale is fascinating in that this mirror does not simply reflects what is in front of it, but it gives voice to the unseen, it speaks the truth of what can and cannot be seen. It is also brutally honest and unwavering. The magic mirror cannot be deceived by makeup, a nice hair cut, designer clothes–nothing deceives the magic mirror.” – Aisling Ireland

The hand mirror directly symbolizes a reflection of our own beauty, to one who is beautiful.

It’s time to buy a hand mirror, of course one of beauty and art.


By  Dody Prince

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