The Caffeine Radio Goes TV! Much Love To Urban Lounge and Vesta Coffee Roasters (OLD POST)


We started as just an online radio station, and yes we have had a few people come through and move onward to other things. But one thing with The Caffeine Radio, YOU,the listener’s and supporters are always here. So when the founder of The Caffeine Radio said he wanted to make a bold move The Caffeine Radio Crew had no idea that he wanted to go TV!!! And with just a blink of an eye, that’s excaclty what happened. It’s not his first Rodeo doing TV. lol But it is on this magnitude. The Caffeine Radio TV will be a weekly show! It will be the very best of Caffeine Radio (well at least that’s the plan lol). Leading the show is The Caffeine Social Queen; The Socailite DJ.caffeine202

With guest hosts of Caffeine Radio personalities from time to time. Right beside leading the frontline will be the infamous Mr. Black Tie of Liquid Rain Drops! Much has happened since the very first show! The Caffeine Radio is getting rave reviews on the first of many. In this issue The Caffeine Crew covers a New Coffee spot sensation Vesta Coffee Roasters and also going into the World of Art and Music at First Friday located in Las Vegas Art District. Much Love to the ladies of T n’ A Caffeine Radio new show with Tiffany and Angel (Cute !!) Also thanks to Urban Lounge for making this edition of Caffeine Radio TV come true !!

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