The Caffeine Radio Welcomes Jacques Back as Zen Buddhist Monk (OLD POST)

Zen Buddhist Monk/Mindfulness practitioner

Zen Master Bon Jacques-Pierre Cole comes from the practice and linage of the Ngagpa tradition of Tibetan spiritual legacies. They are known to be wild, unpredictable, full of laughter, compassion and love. From his early years he was diagnosed with a mental illness. His curiosity of “Why we are…” has lead him down a life long journey of wonder and beauty. He has served our country with military service, built non-profits to help those in struggle, and he now teaches and mentors others to find their authentic purpose. He has traveled all over all the beauty of authentic human kindness.
All his years has brought the wisdom of self-discovery. Knowing when to teach, when to mentor, when to listen and when to just be. His path was to become a Baptist minister, he was enrolled in a bible college to fulfill this. In his studies he found he wanted to discover more from within. To have “no walls” This lead him to his mentor and teacher Namyen. He studied under him for 12 years as he discovered his path to inner peace. He would become ordained and a Zen Buddhist Monk in 2012 and began teaching others to discover the beauty is already there, together we will remove the obstacles, so you can see it.
“Live everyday not as if it were your last, but for what it can be, a journey into the unknown. Potentially connecting you to your humanity and happiness. There is nothing better than genuine human kindness. Be that person.” – Zen Master Bon Jacques-Pierre
He uses his wisdom of self-discovery and compassion to help others find their authentic purpose. Once this is in alignment with your life, all things become possible. He teaches techniques through meditation. Specifically, Mudra Meditation. This style can be self-healing and it is perfect for all levels. He also teaches on topics such as “Finding your authentic purpose” “ How to eliminate stress” “ The journey within, facing your fears”

His show is about finding you and the Art of living. In a bad relationship? Struggling to find your meaning in life? In a job you don’t like? Depressed? Don’t know you true purpose? You will definitely want to listen to his show.

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