The Caffeine Radio Welcomes new show Walk The Talk Radio with The Queen of Hearts (OLD POST)

Rosalind Claytor, born Rosalind Beale is a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and all-around powerhouse. Born in D.C. she had an early start in leadership, i.e, Each One Reach One Mentoring, FBLA, and DECA.
As Rosalind now resides in Las Vegas, she is the spokesperson for the Las Vegas Color of Change and also an active member of the Las Vegas Sankofa Chapter of Swing Phi Swing Social Fellowship, the premier afro-diasporic sisterhood. As such she especially enjoys promoting higher intelligence and supporting women in need of growth.
Rosalind has been working with health challenged individuals for over 10 years, providing hands on coaching in health and wellness services. Her educational background in women’s health has given her a broad base from which to approach many topics. Her passion for health and wellness may be confirmed at


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