the Pink Pistol (OLD POST)

I didn’t talk much when i was  little girl. People often wondered if i could talk. I’d hide under the table and when my mother would call me, I wouldn’t say anything.I’d just watch, listen and let her keep calling for me, coming only moments before she would begin to panic. My Dad, however, he knew I could talk. Maybe too much.  I recall, at the tender age of 4, he told me ” You gotta tame that pink pistol of yours. You’re gonna mess around and kill somebody with it.” I knew he meant then. I knew exactly why he said what he said. To date, I still struggle with “gun control”. My Dad knew me- better than i know myself.
Life and death does lie in the power of the tongue. The words one puts out have a divine way of returning back to you. The boomerang effect.
TONIGHT on walk the talk radio the Queen of Hearts will discuss the power of words, words that build up and tear down and taming the  the pink pistol.
Tune in at 7pm Vegas time.
Til next time,
Deuce Wild


  1. Wow a viscious weapon indeed!!

    1. Glad you think so Queen. Make sure to tune in 15minutes from now you won’t wanna miss the panel as they go from pro to con. Thank you for your support

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