Time for you to Awaken… (OLD POST)

As a species, or biggest injustice to one another in to ourselves, beyond cruelty, war, and disease, is that we forget our interconnectedness with all other living creatures. We pull ourselves back into the everyday mind and believe we are separate from others, above, below, different, and therefore not responsible.

We are not separate. We are all the face of whatever God we believe in. Although we are all born and die with inequalities, we must strive to attain a common equality that lies not in the external achievements but in the spirituality, the unity, in the beauty of our humanity.
We are love, wisdom, and compassion. We are our greatest achievement in our greatest degradation. We are mystery and clarity. We are the great laughter that we can hear when we listen closely to the workings of the universe in nature and in our hearts. We are the universe, the cosmos rising up to recognize us. We are the cosmos in descent, bringing down spiritual wisdom to be used in the world of time and the everyday mind.

Free your mind, Live in Zen

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