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Black Smoke keeps it Jazzy at Tourneau (Caesars Palace, Las Vegas)

1474516840126Luxury is a lifestyle, and privilege. It is also the lifestyle of many of those who come to Tourneau. They get to enjoy the finer things that society offers such a power stating watches like Rolex, or Patek Phillippe. Both brands you can find in Tourneau inside of Caesars Palace and many, many more. Being in Tourneau is like being a part of history, since it’s known as the World’s largest watch store. And it was a great pleasure for me to get to DJ for them. Please note that this wasn’t our first time DJing here at this location, but it was our first time DJing for their event with so much going on.

I personally had a blast DJing for their whiskey event was amazing. Last year, it was for Mexican Independence,  so of course I spun a lot of Latin and Mexican style music. Then it was for their customer appreciation. So we had a good mix for a little of everything going because being on the strip, you never know who’s going to walk into a store.

1469685505830But this time for their Whiskey and and Food it was more laid back, and Jazzy with a Twist of Swing electro. That’s what was played. Jazzy laid back type of music, something for the older crowd who just wants to enjoy a few sips of Whiskey. It was a great time!  During this event, we were on the 3rd floor, next to the service, and I felt that was better because it gave the sound a better chance to travel through the store, enhancing the mix and music.

Thank you to the great people at Tourneau, I had a great time and I hope to return to DJ for you all again soon!

Written By: The Socialite DJ

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