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I have DJ For Harley Davidson, Zappos, Top Shop; But I want to Spin For Victoria Secerts.. I’d be in Heaven!!


Growing up I’ve always just wanted to be able to have a way to release myself. It started off being just basketball. Then when I was 10, while my family and I were joking around I discovered another outlet within music.TheSocialiteDj88

Writing out what some call lyrics, others call poetry. I call

my feelings. Lol But when I was 16 I touched my first Turntable.

It was my 16 birthday, and I went to the DJ and asked if I could get on. Nobody says no to the birthday girl right? Lol. When he did it was just this cool and confident feeling that I got that I didn’t get from basketball.


There was an outlet for me that writing my lyrics/poetry just didn’t suffice. It was weird, I never thought about being a DJ. I was always the basketball girl.dress

But at that moment it seemed like it could work. Fast forward a few years, and I am actually starting to live that thought. The more that I practice the more the thought is a dream. And with every gig I feel that dream becoming a reality. See DJing isn’t just a party to me. It’s so much more.socialone

The joy you get when you see others enjoying themselves, and to know that YOU were apart of their smile. When someone talks about how they couldn’t stop dancing and they enjoyed themselves, and to know that you caused them that joy at those moments.

You can walk around all day being nice and nobody will want your help because they assumed you want something or that you’re up to no good. Believe me I’ve tried. Lol.

But when I’m able to put a smile on someone’s face because I played a song that made them just feel good, I love that feeling. The rush when you get the perfect mix and everyone just goes crazy. These are the moments that I am looking forward to having more of.

This is why I enjoy being a DJ. I have DJ’d for Harley Davidson Café and Top Shop at the Fashion Show Mall.. Both on the Vegas Strip. I have had the Opportunity to DJ at Fizz at Caesars Palace. I simply try to keep pushing for more gigs which I have a pretty good resume I think. I have DJ’d at Sema.

As well as the AVN to Zappos and other cool spots such as Tourneau and CES. I want to so DJ for Victoria’s Secert due to well I wear them; and I figure its time for me to try you know? sema

I really do hope that one day I get the opportunity to DJ For them. I really do hope that I could even make a Victoria’s Secert or Pink my residency.

It would be an awesome way to make my DJing career for this Holiday Season! I don’t know how to get Victoria’s Secerts attention quite yet. But I’m going to be working on it lol.

CAM04586I plan on going perhaps to the store’s here in sin city and just keep on pushing and praying and of course keep on spinning and working on my DJ Career and maybe one day soon, very soon I will be having my dream come true!

-The Socialite DJ

To Socialize with The Socialite DJ visit her website www.thesocialitedj.com



Also if you’d like to hear or see my DJing at the gigs I mention go to www.TheSocialiteDj.com

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