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The Socialite DJ 3rd Times The Charm with Victoria’s Pink in Planet Hollywood on the Las Vegas Strip

img_20170219_143841When they tell you about the struggling musician believe them. Lol I’ve been DJing almost 5 years now and I’ve come a long way if I do say so myself. I remember when I first started DJing I was nervous about so much. I still am but I know now that a lot of what I was worried about doesn’t even matter, and the things I worry about now, boy I was not prepared for. But the hustle in me is strong, I must’ve went to every Victoria’s Secret that I knew of before I got accepted into one. I remember my first time DJing for Victoria’s Secret & Pink. It was at the Venetian.  After going there for months Harley finally gave me a chance. img_20170219_160650 They loved what I did, and still nothing. The chase was back on. I began the search my next target. The Fashion Show Mall. It’s funny because I remember going to them before everyone else because I had already DJ’d at the mall for Desigual.
img_20170311_135614But by the time Gabe was in management I also did Top Shop for after Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Gabe gave me the shot to DJ for them at The Fashion Show Mall; I dunked it. They loved the music and said I fit perfectly for them. Fast forward to this past week. img_20170311_170256
They say third time’s the charm and my fingers are crossed. I was invited to DJ for Victoria’s Secret in Planet Hollywood. It’s funny because originally I was just going to walk past them. Seeing how nothing came from the first 2 and I’m in this big world trying to make it as a DJ. But I back tracked and went for it. I remember a couple days going by and nothing. I was just like well Victoria’s Secret did it again. Every time I would go and talk with them, I would always get the same response. (We all know it let’s say it together now “We’ll call you.)20180802_215116_film3So while I was in a meeting I glanced at my messages and saw “can you DJ for us August 2” and my mind just glowed like, it actually worked… They responded, and better than the others. It was like I actually got a DJs respect. Awesome! So we discussed the details and it was set, I was getting ready to DJ for Victoria’s Secret a third time on the Vegas Strip.
20180802_231904_film3Not going to lie I was a little nervous. But it was great everything about me had been upgraded since the last gig. I’m not seasoned, my equipment is better, and so are my music choices and mixing. This time around I was a better DJ period. My new sponsors at WINS (While I’m Not Sleeping) came out to show love and support. And I’ve never had sponsors come out to an event. They say they will but Amber and Brad did! After that I was definitely proud to be wearing Wins attire! The only thing that I could say that I want improved was that I couldn’t get my logo to them in time to also be apart of their flyer. It’s okay this time because I’m hoping to have a next time with them to better myself more.20180802_214953_film3 Thank you so much Ashlee for the opportunity, hospitality, and respect. You were great, and awesome to work with. Your energy and vibes I loved!

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