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The Socialite DJ has Fun with Fashion


I’ve never imagined that I would ever model. I honestly didn’t know what I would do but I never thought it would involve fashion. Lol, see I’m not the biggest fashionista. I know a little about a little, and that’s really the extent. Watching my dad growing up I learned how to coordinate. I was never really interested in what my mom was wearing. I always thought my pops looked fly. So now that a part of what I am doing in my profession involves fashion it’s a little mind blowing.

SteamPunk 326_zpsk32xowfqI’ve gotten to learn about history through the fashion such as Steampunk in the Elizabethan era, or the Pin Up girls in the 1950’s. Each era has brought out something different in me. IMG_1998tryGetting to model has been a dream I never thought about having. But I am definitely enjoying every step of it. I like being someone’s Barbie doll. IMG_1791tryAllowing them to make me up and dress me in different clothes. It’s fun for me to see what I “could look like” through someone else’s eyes.
It’s been cool to learn about fashion at the hands of the exact people you all wear! I don’t know where this modeling thing will tFB_IMG_1436773592826ake me because I love DJing and I honestly didn’t think that they would even go hand in hand at first but they do; but I’m definitely in it for the ride. Who knows, I might even try a crack at being a brand ambassador some day.

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