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The Socialite DJ Socializes with FujiFilm at S.G.I.A

fujif-copyI don’t know how many times you will hear this, but hear this again. And this time it’s not just coming from us, but from the big dogs over at none other than FujiFilm. Small companies who are looking to grown or even to be a long lasting company, you should always be on the look out for what’s new, and new ways to bring it out. This is a rule that even one of the most successful companies still follows. Fuji Film has been one of the longer lasting, and stronger companies that are out today. After talking with Mr. William Rongey and Jeffrey Nelson, I can absolutely see why they’re not just lasting, but is on top even today. Though S.G.I.A focuses on the printing business, the insight that was given can be used to run any type of business.
Q: What Makes Fuji Film stand out?
A: Fuji plans. We plan. Not just short term or long term. But we plan for a lasting term. Most businesses use a 5 year or even a 10 year plan. Fuji Film uses a 50 year plan. They plan for things that may occur 50 years from now, that’s how they stay ahead of the game. As the years go on the keep up, and keep dated.fujii-copy
Q:What is the perfect environment for equipment?

A:A comfortable environment. “If you’re comfortable your press will be comfortable.” You don’t want your equipment in a room that’s too hot or too cold. A lot of machines will tell you what kind of environment is best, but when id doubt the best thought is, if you can work all day and feel comfortable in the environment and settings, so will your equipment.
Q:What is the best way to keep customers?
A:Speed and Quality. Versatility goes a long way. When you’re able to do bigger banners, special colors, the expectations are much higher, but so is the clientele. You want to have the best machines for your company and know what you’re trying to do. Marketing is big too. You want to market everything just right. Especially if you’re into printing. If you can do everything that your competition does and more, than there is no competition really.

Written By: The Socialite DJ

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