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The Socialite DJ DJ’s at CES for Farbe Technik

You know there comes a time in every DJ’s life where they’re like, “Look, I need new equipment. How do I get to some fast-easy money, without any trouble?” And then we sit there and think of all the places we want to DJ at and how this equipment would help us get there and once we do, we dream about the bigger stuff. But until then you’re sitting there with these little things that have brought you so far yet you’re upset because you feel that your set up should be at least a little bigger by now. It’s like you’re proud of them because of the gigs they’ve gotten you through, but you also know that you’re tired of having to worry about the equipment if it can handle it or if it looks unprofessional because it’s not the big set up everyone thinks it should be. And then it hits you.

“You’re a freaking DJ. Do what you’ve been doing but you need to do it quicker.” That’s the position I was in not too long ago.

The Socialite DJ DJ’s during St. Patrick’s Day weekend at Harley Davidson Café

I remember the first time I walked into The Urban Lounge. After Mr. Black Tie hyped it up; It was big and spacious; the furniture was nice and I loved the décor. After sitting with the owner Kelvin, I had the feeling he didn’t really want to work with us. We gave him a great deal (that we would DJ on the inside and out) and he told us that he would have to think about it. We said okay and moved on to look for another spot to DJ at I honestly didn’t like the way we were talked to and treated. I wasn’t going to go back there for nothing if I didn’t have to. (I was pretty much over the Arts District anyways. Not many of those people were nice to me. Shout out to Mandy at Artifice! She’s always been nice and real and upfront!) Mr. Black Tie was really wanting to DJ there.

I know why, he has this bond with this building. It doesn’t matter whose there, he’s attached to the building and what it used to be. So, he wanted to push so that we can be back in The Arts District.

Then one day while we were talking with Tacos Huevos, The Urban Lounge still hadn’t made contact after that good deal, I went into The Urban Lounge and the bar manager Woody recognized me and said we wanted to call you for last night. We had a spot open to DJ for First Friday but we didn’t have your number. It was okay though because we were already DJing at First Friday.

The Socialite DJ DJ’s at Artifice in Las Vegas Arts District


We were at YOU with Mitchell DJing. So, Woody and I spoke for a minute and I ended it as any DJ should, if you need a DJ give me a call. I let Jack know what was going on, (You know how you look at someone when you both know the third person was; Yeah.
The next week we get a call to do Saturday 10 pm – 2:30 am. This was the Friday after First Friday. We started off with Liquid Jazz it was an older crowd in there plus that’s what we thought we were getting hired to play the Jazz for the older crowd in the beginning, as that was what we talked to Kelvin about. Then as the night got old the crowd got young. img_20170415_222310They wanted hip hop music, or as I call it “pop hop”. The stuff you hear on the radio. So that’s what I played for them. Not many showed up this night and the ones that did cleared out by 2. They ended up img_20170415_222310closing early. They said every Friday after First Friday is like that. So, we left. We were called to come back next week same time and day. This time there were way more people and it was crazy. The requests that were being made blew my mind. (First off let me say this. Usually I hate requests. Especially if you not leaving a tip. You want me to stop my set play something you want and hope that the rest of the club is okay with it too for free? And then ya’ll don’t even dance to the damn song. Ha you people crack me up seriously!)

By the end of the night I honestly didn’t know what to think. I kind of laughed to myself because it was like a flashback from high school. But then I shook my head because it was like a flashback from high school. I don’t know much about politicians, or what they do during their party hours but I really didn’t expect The Urban Lounge to be how it was considering that Kelvin is a Senator. So, I was a little shocked. And it made me think about what The Urban Lounge is trying to do and how they’re trying to grow. Because what most don’t realize is you may think a spot is popping because you hear about it all the time, but for a DJ like myself, the reputation of the venue can affect your career.

The Socialite DJ spreads the holiday cheer as she DJ’s at BeBe for the Christmas Holidays

I understand why but I don’t like it. In this instance, The Urban Lounge was getting a somewhat of a bad reputation as do most spots that play just hip hop in Las Vegas. It becomes known as “ghetto” or “ratchet” unfortunately. I mean I personally don’t care how you party or have fun, but some of the things I seen there I had to shake my head at because like I said it reminded me of high school. And I would hope that as we grow so does our ways of fun. But I guess not for everyone… I don’t know…sld I’ve even talked to family who still party and that’s how they have fun, nothing wrong with that.

I knew it was going to be out of control after I was asked to do a Saturday. By this time, we were used to doing Friday’s but there was an event who brought their own DJ so I was for Saturday. (You might have noticed I stopped saying “we” and said “I”. That’s because we were told that they wanted me to DJ.) So, come to find out I was supposed to be on Saturday this whole time. I found that out after doing 2 Fridays. Lol So this Saturday was crazy. There were 2 birthday parties, and people were everywhere. I was asked to turn the music up so loud this week even my drink was shaking. So, I played some of the most ratchet songs I knew of and watched them go crazy. By this point I was hoping for requests because I didn’t have any more ratchet like songs for them to turn up to. They didn’t like the Trap mixes not even the twerk Trap mixes. They just wanted to hear the songs. Damn commercial people. Lol By the end of this night I was done with the whole scenario.img_20170415_225605 I was even asked to stay a little longer. His words said, “Hey, do you mind staying an extra 30 minutes, we will pay you for it” in my head I heard “Hey, if you play 4 or 5 more songs you will get closer to that turntable set you want”. So I played.
Now when it was time to go Jack and I were so tired it didn’t make any since. Because we stayed so long we were now trying to figure out how to get back because some buses stop running after a certain time. While coming up with a plan trying to talk to Jack, some drunk girl came up and danced beside me. I didn’t know her and didn’t know what to do so I did what I was already doing, trying to figure out how we both were going to get home. I guess at some point she realized I wasn’t paying her any attention and walked off, but by then Jack was mad. So, after that whole thing I got my money and left. At this point, doing The Urban Lounge was nothing more than extra cash in my pocket. I didn’t have the patience for what this building was dishing out. It got to the point where it was like I’ll see if they need a DJ (cause I’m never wanting to turn down money, I need it too much. Lol) If they don’t cool if they do… Okay, I can make it through the 4 hours strong and intact. Lol
I still don’t have my equipment that I want, and I still don’t have a place to call my residency. See I wouldn’t call this spot my residency because I feel that that is something you want on your resume. This spot probably won’t be added to the list just a memory for myself and those who truly follow what I’m doing. I will not be at this spot anymore because, there is no need for me to be there gaining that reputation and still not making enough for my equipment that I want. Thank you for the opportunity to DJ for you all, and I truly hope that The Urban Lounge is everything you want it to be. Thank you, Kelvin. As a supporter and member of the LGBTQ community myself I wish you nothing but the best in all that you do. Thank you Daja, you have been awesome throughout this whole experience for me. Thank you for your kind words and pushing to have us as DJ’s there. I’m glad you liked the music and my style. Thank you Kelvin for the opportunity of DJing there. Thank you to all those that read, support, and follow. The Urban Lounge like every gig I get has been a learning experience.


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