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The Socialite DJ Travels to the MGM Grand and talks with Fat Tuesday



Sitting at the Fat Tuesday in the MGM Grand’s is such a great experience. Most people don’t know but they were actually the first Fat Tuesday to open on the Las Vegas Strip. So we’re basically sitting at history here people. They call it “The Grandfather Tuesday”. I had the pleasure of being attended by the awesome bartender Tipsy T.
She served me with a Sweet Tart (one of her favorite drinks) and I can definitely see why. The bright colors first makes the drink look fun, (pink and green always scream party!) and it does taste like the candy. Mixed with electric lemonade, and martigras mash (as the juices) and bourbon, triple sec. The electric lemonade has 151 rum in it. So all of that with an extra shot to complete my drink! One was really enough for me. Lolfattuesday
The people really love to come to this place. Fat Tuesday has an awesome reputation with the friendly bartenders, funny managers, and reasonably priced drinks, you’re guaranteed to have a good time. Everyone that comes to town stops at one. Each individual gets catered to and they love to come here and enjoy themselves. If you’re ever in the MGM Grand on the Las Vegas Strip stop by and enjoy a chat with the bartenders and pick yourself up a drink!

Written By: The Socialite DJ

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