Creative visualization (OLD POST)

We are the masters of our thoughts , we have the ability to create our realities and we do so every millisecond , we create n’ recreate it may not always be to our liking but nevertheless it is taking place continually. Success is within our reach it is within us , self doubt and the positive creative mind can’t exist within the same thought, one you will honor and the other you will dismiss. To create ones reality is too much for some people to understand , they may say that they have not the power to change the negatives into positives , they may say its my fate to live a life without love for example when in fact they create situations that bring unworthy people into their lives therefore the cycle continues , until they decide to use creative visualization to their liking . The truth of the matter is our beliefs dictate our reality , truth is what one knows to be truth even if its a fallacy its dependent upon ones upbringing , religious beliefs and a whole lot of other factors. Therefore to create desirable outcomes one would have to change their ways from the inside out , and a whole different thought process would have to take place until positive results happen.  20171018_145654_film1

Written by Renee Lewis. <3

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