Live Your Truth (OLD POST)

Many people will compromise their God given gifts and abilities to appease others , or they my feel the need to hide their true self out of fear, of not fitting into a certain click , who needs to fit in its much better to live in your truth and when you do so the universe will allow people who match your vibration to come into your life . When you are a gifted person it can be quite lonely , not being able to share your experiences without being labeled. I have always been a pretty upfront in your face kinda girl , one who had seen countless unusual happenings in my life. Because of the kind of person that I am I shared many of my experiences with people who later proved to be liars , many posed as spiritual seekers of truth to gain access into my world , and I did get the feeling that I couldn’t share certain experiences at the time . I was right later I was greeted with nothing but negativity for all the insight I gave . I am not on that page in my life anymore cause honestly I don’t giva @#$% who is fond of me I speak my peace , I share don’t care if people believe me or not , But I do have respect for other people beliefs I wont bash anyone , their truth is their truth everyone has the right to express themselves as long as they operate out of respect for others. My Mission is all about spreading love and good energy speaking my truths .
Written by Renee Lewis

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