loving is not simply a physical action , it is a spiritual act that is suppose to change the very fabric of our existence when we open our minds to the reality of love its quite amazing to say the least, if we as a whole would rethink our concept of love positive changes would begin to happen, it would have a dominoes effect in the way people treat one another , however the type of love that most people experience is selfish , and not grounded in truth it lacks sincerity , it comes with a vicious price its not fair and many time one sided whereas people hurt, leaving physical or mental scares in the pursuit of love and happiness. Because everyone has the desire to love and to be loved its easy to fall into traps , to experience true love is to connect with the divine forces , to be honest one can never know love without spiritual love its not about religion its about having an open heart when it concerns the whole of humanity , its about treating others as you would want to be treated , when the soul is touched you have touched deeply into the solution when we are able to love unconditionally then we are becoming truer to our calling. Written by Renee Lewis Truth22

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