Love there is so much to say on the topic of love, poems are written expressing love in a natural sense of the word, however there is nothing natural concerning love , true love is divine it is not of this world , true love expresses itself in ways that can only be understood by  enlightened souls,  true love gives expecting nothing in return with selfless intentions  , when you are able to feel with your soul then you know that you have connected with true love, a smile a glance, a touch, a thought, a photo, a voice can all be instrumental in redirecting you back to true love , it is our original states of being before we got so caught up on this lower vibrational plane.  Come back to true love be  powerful, when we walk in the truth, everything and anything is possible. Being in direct communication with the Universe, we have access to what we seek if there will  be any positive change in this world humanity as a whole need to shift their energy from low to high frequency then love can rule Light n Love.

Written by Renee Lewis Truth22

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