Self Realization (OLD POST)

Nothing in your life will work until you come to know the person that you are , People go on a quest for love for example when they haven’t yet learned to love themselve and still again they want / demand the umiverse to grace them with love , which is totally ridiculous to say the least.  Self realization brings us closer to our core reason for existence , it gives us purpose help us to rise above mundane ways of thinking.  What we need is supplied within our conscious thoughts it helps to change our negatives into positives , we learn to be our on best friend meaning that we no longer look outside of self for answers rather we look within by staying connected to higher consciousness.  With self realization we no longer take ownership of things we cannot control , we accept  anything that goes against our purpose , we understand the importance of caring for our souls and we begin to live in our truth.     Written by Renee Lewis. Truth22

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