Within (OLD POST)

I love my skin but its not the skin, its whats within ,I’M bold and I’M proud but that’s not what makes me stand out , its whats within , I’m giving loving and caring , but that’s not what makes me special its whats within without saying a word , we can speak loudly , no need to broadcast please don’t put on blast, the things that you do, in doing so it negates the deed , stop looking for attention , did I mention its wont help you in the ascension , therefore when you speak of your deeds just to hear oh how nice you have forfeited your prize , just realized that to be is all you can be, while staying true to you , To give from the heart is an act of divinity therefore keep it divine don’t make it a vine , it is good of you to do good deeds just make sure that you are mindful of why , don’t make it about you , make it a habit to bless secretly , as the angels are secret agents be thee as the angels , carrying out loving deeds in secret every day. Written by Renee Lewis Truth22

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