What do you tell a heaux with two black eyes?

Nothing! because you’ve already told her twice.

Okay, thats a twisted joke, but sh!t actually does get real like that in some spaces.

If you read the post above and the caption below, that sums up tonight’s show. The Queen’s special guest is Domestic Violence survivor Kaveisha. As the Queen herself is once removed from an abusive past, these two have a message for both men and women. As her guest stated, “men get abused also”.

This topic is one that I cannot relate to, and their stories are collectively profound. I don’t want to tell their story. Humbly, I feel it’s not my place unless of course I’m asked to ghost write a book) I’d rather you tune in and hear it raw and uncut.

Tonight at 7PM EST, tune in to Walk The Talk with the Queen of Hearts.

Til next time,

Deuces Wild



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