Here is the first take of what I, Dayo, have coined the term #TokeNotes. My personal reviw of certain strains of herb.

Strain:Dogwalker OG.
Its a Hybrid, some say Hytiva, since its sativa dominant. Conflicting reviews (the budtender said it was, but the web says it’s an Indica dominant hybrid). IMO, it leaned more towards sativa. The results are: Euphoria! Mental Clarity!Antidepressant! Great medicine for anxiety, depression, writers block.
Breathing and Taste: Its an unanticipated easy pull, go lightly first drag til you know what youre dealing with. It does have a piney, lemony, earthy taste. Straight to the nasal cavity.
As for pain relief- NO BEUNO. It does NOT alleviate muscle or bone pain. Although it did not zap my energy, I did not feel any indica boosted/ body high/ pain relief. My Personal recommendation would be for students, writers, musicians etc,those dealing with depression or if u just need a clear head. Oh and dogwalkers, because if i had a dog ….I’d walk it out to this one, and skip a little bit, because I’m happy #TokeNotes

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Til next time,
Deuces Wild,


  1. Lol!!!! I Love it!! I also agree its a marvelous mood ELEVATOR

  2. That shit was 🔥🔥🔥 like the show.

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