“Pop!Pop!Pop ( the sound of popcorn) ! Pop,pop!pop! She’s popping babies out like popcorn. Every time you turn around she has a baby on the way.  How many different baby’s Daddy’s does she have?  She’s just nasty.”
We sure know how to judge women, we sure know how to talk about them. As if having babies isn’t a natural thing. Women are created to procreate, as are men.
 Yet, it certainly appears that the woman takes all the responsibility, accountability, blame,  and is the recipient of such accusations, proclamations, and hate speech. Oh, and lectures, not to mention the  lectures:
“Keep your pocket book closed before you make change. Ain’t nothing open at 2 o’clock in the morning but legs. Don’t come back home with nothing you didn’t leave with.Girls, bring them [babies] home, boys send them home!” Ohhhkay, I hear that, but what are we telling our sons to help them grow into accountable men?
A woman can only conceive once a month, if she’s lucky, and carries that baby to term. A woman will go thru “the change” and no longer conceive, as she is born equipped with only a certain amount of eggs. Whereas, a man on the other hand can produce an undocumented number of  sperm up until a day AFTER he dies.Yes, even POST- Mortem!
A man can conceive multiple children in a day, week, month- with mulitple women.   12 newborns in one year by 12 different women, or 3 women pregnant at the same time by one man…it can happen. Therefore, it only makes sense to TEACH THESE YOUNG MEN ABOUT BIRTH CONTROL.
Teach them not to percolate/ germinate their seeds all over the nation. Don’t be a swinging d!ck that every Tasha, Denise, and Hannah can ride on.  Have some dignity!
Shouldn’t we too let our sons know there are two money bags hanging between his legs ( I know I’ve got a goldmine in between my thighs)? I surely know I’ll be telling my strikingly handsome son the lay of the land. Strap it up, practice abstinence or be very careful who you are giving your jewels to. Always bring your own protection. They will trap you and poke holes in the condom ( no offense ladies,this isn’t about you, its about our sons) Once those seeds leave your body, possession is 9/10ths of the law. Don’t fall for the banana in the tail pipe, and dang sure don’t fall for the sperm in the turkey baster. Make sure you take your left overs with you! Flush it down the toilet- do not leave it in the disposal bin.
It is more so YOUR responsibility then it is hers. Once your semen leaves your body, and you give it to her, you are no longer in control of the situation. Many men don’t pull out because the p**** got too good for too long. Well, you are not in control if you are not first in control of your emotions. It “feeling” good is an emotion, a feeling. Keep yo feelins’ in check son!
 He can say, “She cool. Shes not going to give me any problems. She wont put me on child support. She’ll get rid of it, if she gets pregnant. She doesn’t want any kids.” Son, how do you know? Are you practicing some type of witch-craft where you can control this woman? No. No one can control or absolutely predict the actions of another human being 100 percent of the time.
 But I’ll tell you who wants to control you- the white man. The white man has a special place for sperm donors who don’t take care of their children. Its called jail. Don’t escape to the school to prison pipeline, only to forfeit your career and/or life because of your flesh.
That’s what we should be telling our sons- that’s what I’ll be telling mine. Birth control is his concern. It is his responsibility, and here is freebie: Son, if she tells you she’s pregnant. Make sure you watch her pee on the stick. #BANG
Tune in Thursday , 7pm Vegas time as the Queen of Hearts, mother of 7  sons alongside her truly VIP guest..
Til next time,
Deuces Wild,

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