Debbie Downer. (OLD POST)

img_20180726_075923I had the privilege of viewing the prerecording for this show entitled Debbie Downer.  The Queen of Hearts and her guests spoke candidly about their personal struggles with depression.  While the root causes were similar, the solutions differed. From prayer, to therapy, to accountability partners, there was no one-solution-fits-all rememedy; as one young lady pointed out “what if you don’t have that tight knit circle that notices you missing? Who’s going to check on me when I check out”.

You’ve got to hear this episode for yourself. Take from it what you may need and give the rest to someone else. I won’t give away the spoilers, but chile let me say this: they called the suicide prevention hotline. Live. On air. *Drops the mic* No doubt, an aetheist would have better results praying to Mary. A Muslim would get more satisfaction in eating a pork sandwich than calling this hotline.  Whaaat?! Yep. You’ve got to hear it for yourself though.

Tune in to Walk the Talk Radio With the Queen of Hearts, Thursday 7pm, Vegas time. After you do, come back and chime in here with yours thoughts/ resolutions.

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