Family’s got questions! How did my Mum and i get back 😎 cool? Its a sorta long story but yall are nosey so I know youre here for it. I’ll share in doses.
1st: I had to 1st be okay withIN myself. I can blame you, her, him , God, any and every 1 else for my feelings, past, disabilities and dysfunction, but I am the only one I can hold accountable for my PERSONAL healing. It took years, of isolation, estrangement for ME to be ok. Years of therapy to sift through decades worth of horse-shit, both personal and professional. I learned so much about ME! Once I was healed, and even accepted permanent estrangement, as the universe would have it, there was a legal issue that only she and I could resolve & yall KNOW I L❤vE, love, luv a GOOD fight! So here we are having to going to together to get docs signed etc. Uncomfortable at most. #ToBeContinued #MotherHerb #Part1

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  1. Cant wait 4 pt 2. I am nosey😂

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