He Said, She Said (OLD POST)

“I’ve done so much with so little for so long, that I can now do anything with nothing. ”

“I’m not poor, Im pour. I’m just pouring money out. ”

“Aye, I heard Dayo was racist!
Yep, I only like green face$.”

“Money won’t change me! It will, however, change my phone number, the car I drive, the home I live in, and how I treat people.”

Tune in to tonight @7PM PST to Walk the Talk Radio With The Queen of Hearts and her featured guest Darkman. Whats the topic? One of many- starting with “Yo money, mo money, fa sho money”. Hear it for yourself or hear about it from someone else..He Said, She Said.

Til next time,
Deuces Wild,

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