We’ve heard that phrase before.It usually has negative connotation and gossip follows. But its not gossip if its true.

From sports, to documentaries,to talking about your friends GOOD behind their back. Whens the last time you turned on the radio and heard someone talking good about you? Well real friends talk about you in your face and there are not secrets about how they feel about you.

Back to he said, she said, the topic of tonights show. Tune in to the Queen of hearts and her co-host Darkman on the special episode of He Said, She Said. Hear it first hand,wait for the repeat episode , or you can hear about it from your friends.

With over 20k listeners, by the time someone else tells you what they were talking about on WTT, you would be better off having heard it for yourself because it wont be the same as what they said. It’ll be “he said, she said” .

The first of many, tune in tonight @ 7pm Est..Tune in every Tuesday and Thursday night.

Til next time,
Deuces Wild,

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