I love you! You’re perfect! Now Change (OLD POST)

I love you! You’re Perfect! Now Change!
I remember when I first grew in love. I’d watch him while he slept and adore him while he snored. My soul would say to his “I love you.”  With those perfect pearly whites and soup cooler lips, between deep breathing, I’d whisper to him, “you’re perfect.” After time progressed the newness wore off and I needed him to rollover or prop his head up under some pillows- because I needed some quality SLEEP!  Ha.
But back on topic, have you ever heard the saying:A man marries a woman expecting that she wont change, a woman married a man, expecting that he will change. But its actually the reverse, a man does not change after marriage. Its usually the woman who does. Why I wonder?
I know of a couple who begin their marriage in the swingers lifestyle. When the wife wanted it to cease, the husband pulled her card saying that she wasn’t the woman he’d married. She’d changed after vows, he remained the same. And that was his scapegoat.
What do i think? Well, I don’t really have a side to be on here. What the husband said is true! She did change. But i see where there wife is coming from also.  Life is about all about change. Change is growth. I plan on and I’d hope to be growing until the day that I die. In a marriage, its hopeful that we’d grow together, change together, evolve together.  Growth is financial, emotional, physical, spiritual The tools needed in a marriage for it to not go stale.. I do believe for those couples who are weary because the other is changing, be joyful. I personally, love to cheat on my husband with the man he is becoming; and he loves it when I cheat on him with him. I love you. You’re perfect. Now change.
 How bout that?
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