How do you learn to love the life you live?  How can you go from existing, to living, to loving your life?

Here are a few places to start.

* LOVE yourself. Pay attention to what you say to yourself and about yourself to others. Accept the compliment someone gives you and dont blow yourself off. Say great things to yourself in the mirror. The same way you look your loved ones in the eye to give words of affirmation, look yourself in the eye and show yourself some love. If you havent worked yourself up to having that high of a self-esteem, if you feel like you dont excel at anything, know this: No one can be you better than you can. I have grown to love myself more based on this mantra. I like being me, because no one can be me better than Me, myself and I.

* Have fun. It can be terrifying when we reflect on how much time we have allowed to pass us by. We cant turn back the hands of time, but I do believe that the Creator has the ability to restore the years that the locust stole. Laugh. Laugh yourself to life. Laugh at inappropriate times- I dare you. Laugh out loud to what ever is comical that’s on your mind. Unapologetically. Be forgiving and even laugh at yourself. Not only does it burn calories when youre doubled over in laughter, know that pain in your side is  hurting you so good.

* Work it out. Food is the most popular drug of choice but exercise is the best medicine. It hurts, I know ( refer to last sentence), but pain is weakness leaving the body (dont read too deep into that). In short, suck it up buttercup. Health is wealth!

*Take inventory of your life. What gives you energy and what drains you? What ever makes your heart smile, laugh amd and increases the vitality of life that pumps through your veins – DO THAT! Dont know what that is? Let love be your guide. Mature love gives you energy. Immature love drains you.

* Lastly, tune in to Walk the Talk Radio with my sister The Queen of Hearts at 7pm PST . She discusses issues of the heart. Take what you can and share the rest with everyone else.

Til next time,

Deuces Wild,


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  1. This blog just gave me #Life ✊🏾

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