She wants a commitment ,He wants freedom (OLD POST)

What does a woman do when she wants a commitment but he wont commit? She has optuons here.

Option 1: Set a time line and stick to it. Know your worth and know your limits. Set the boundary. It’s okay. Be true to yourself.

Option 2: Leave. I know, its easier said than done. Havent you heard the mantra though: Never make someone a priority when youre only just an option to them. Besides, one mans waiting game is another mans fierce urgency of now.

Option 3: Play the game. Get a DD. Not a designated driver, but a dude distractor. Start seeing more of your distraction and suprisingly, the cream just may rise to the top.

Option 4: Tune in to the Queen of hearts tonight at 7pm PST and get a few more gems that shes about to drop on

Deuces Wild,


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