Side Chick Syndrome (OLD POST)


She’s his number one. The one he so-called commits to. The woman he chose to bear his children & carry his last name. The woman who gets first dibs on holidays, has access to the joint bank account, life insurance policy; his rib and number 1 fan.    That.    Woman.    Lovingly known as Wifey. . . she’s the one he lies to. He lies to her to keep her safe, to spare her feelings, to keep their relationship in tact. He lies to her    because   he  genuinely loves her.

His number 2 on the other hand- that’s the one he tells the truth to. He tells her truth because he doesn’t give a damn about her feelings. Its no ones problem but hers – she needs to acclimate, accommodate, overcome and assimilate. Why? Because Fish, you knew exactly what you signed up for. She’s nothing to protect. She knows all about wifey. She knows about his children’s activities, his work schedule & routines including the fact that she gets the day AFTER the holidays. She also knows, even if only on a subconscious level there’s a high probability he will NEVER leave his wife.  She will always be the side chick.

Which one are you, Wifey or the Side Chick?  How would a number 1 know if a number 2 exists, you may ask? Who are you kidding- a woman knows. It’s that woman’s intuition that she tries to ignore. It’s knowing exactly who you were dealing when you got with him, yet  you still made a conscious decision to stay.  A woman knows her man.

On the contrary, what is that makes a woman so accepting of being a side chick? Is it convenience? Was she misled? Or does she just wanna have sex with no strings attached?

Tune in to Walk the Talk Radio with the Queen of Hearts, as she along with special guest discuss SIDE-CHICK SYNDROME. 7pm (PST) on Tuesday, July 17. Weigh in with your comments below.

For those who suffer from the  side-chick syndrome, let us know: Do you prefer to be called the side-chick, bottom b****, or his number 1 heau?

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*The views and opinions are strictly poetic license/those of my own and are in no way a reflection of Caffeine Radio’s Queen on Hearts. 😉
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