What can I write about the King of Pop that hasn’t already been said? I don’t know.

When I think of Mike, naturally the first thing I think about is his music. Legendary and timeless. As soon as my children reached speaking age, I played MJ and had them tell me who it was. Hey, they weren’t going to having me looking like a bad parent by not knowing who Michael Jackson was. My black card would have been REVOKED!

The second thing about Mike that comes to mind, I will say:  I do believe eople started rumors about Michael that really weren’t true.  Have you ever watched the interview DJ Vlad(sp) did with a guy named Newt something.. Newt was offered a crap load of money $200k to say Michael m*lested (such a filthy word)  his child. Everybody has a price, but Newt..thankfully, he declined and proclaimed “Mike didn’t get down like that.”

Michael was a  smart businessman. He owned the masters to the Beetles (rights to the music). Look it up, its documented.

Though, I await the arrival of any newly unreleased music, I am glad that he is actually resting – no more troubles of the world.

Tonight on Walk the talk radio the Queen of Hearts tributes Michael. Listen in, because it’s gonna be hot. No interruptions. Just concert. I might just faint for old times sake. Ha. Youngsters might not understand the effect Mike had on ya people.

I might just scream at the radio ” I love you Michaeeeeel!” Mike was the man.

Tune in 7PST and get your fix. I know I will.

Til the next blog

Deuces Wild,



  1. I miss you talkin on the show. But this was awesome. Can you replay this show.

    1. Awwwh! It’s a nice feeling to be missed, you won’t have to wait for long be back @ it Tuesday 7pm Pay until then if nobody told you they love you today I do #TheQueenOfHearts 😘

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