This love has caught me off guard like an unexpected pregnancy

Unaware of its occurrence, This love has blinded me, it binded me and some how it reminded me

of the deaf, dumb, and blind that I used to be,

that would’ve never let me

Envy thee

Young, aloof and in love that you now


Love will

Have you doing some crazy things.

It’ll have you on stage singing in front of a whole bunch of people-

and you know yo rass cant sing…

Online shopping Vera -Wang. Borrowing from this check,  nibbling from your friends check just to cop that wedding ring.

Being broke while you’re in love…

It don’t mean a hot damn thing

What the people say

Is not

what they really want to see


If we’re going to rank the highest level or burn like 3rd degree.

I say, lets let the truth set them free:

  • I’ve got tunnel vision and you’re the only one

I see


Thru my windshield

And not my rearview

I view you

As the greater part of me

And thats why my locks will always rest at your feet



vow to love you

until lemons turn sweet.


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Til next time,

Deuces Wild,



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